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by admin on February 10, 2013

As part of the course, we are required to make a short video explaining certain topics covered in our lectures. This is called the Veterinary Oral Communication Exercise (VOCE).

In the first semester, I was assigned a topic pertaining to movement of food in the rumen of a cow. I kept procrastinating and finally didnt make the video. It wasn’t comoulsary to do in the first semester but it would have given me an idea about the preparation required and various pesentation possibilities. The lecturers had even offered to give us feedback. But, unfortunately,  I never got around to it.

In the second semester, it was compulsary for all graduate DVM students to submit a video. The topics were from case studies we had done and we were to answer specific questions the ‘client’ asked. I was assigned a case study about gastric dilatation and volvulus in dogs.

I don’t like to give completely scripted presentations because in my opinion, that puts the focus more on trying to remember every word and not the actual question or presentation. So, I read up the case and did some background reading on the condition and came up with some key points to discuss with my ‘client’. Initially, I thought of using a balloon to illustrate the twisted gut and entrapped contents but after looking online at some of my classmates’ presentations, I found that it had already been done. So then, I decided to use the x-rays from the case study in my presentation.  I also used Hill’s book we had been given which had very good illustrations of the condition.

I did many takes, but I found that even though I wasn’t reading off any script, my face was expressionless and my eyes were deadpan.  My housemate very graciously agreed to be my ‘client’ so that I could talk to him instead of the camera. As luck would have it, the light bulb in my room fused just as we had set everything up. So, we used his desk lamp and mine positioned to provide adequate light. The result was a slightly flickery old-feel video. But, the presentation was good and I had more confidence and animation in my face. We even filmed my housemate and put in bits of his responses at appropriate points in the video.

Screenshot of the VOCE A Screenshot of the VOCE video

I got an H1 (Honors first division, equivalent to an A+). And the feedback was also very positive and encouraging. They were very happy with my presentation and so was I.

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